Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation was founded in 1918 and has almost a hundred years of history.  After years of constantly upgrading the competitiveness in the industry, and actively expanding international investment, TPPC currently has more than 2,000 employees in Taiwan and Viet Nam, with capital of  USD 125 million and annual turnover of more than USD 2 billion.

Taipei head office: chairman, general manager's office, general management and investment department
Hsinying Mill: pulp, paper and chemicals production,Hoa Viet Joint Venture Corporation: Ho Chi Minh City Golf Course.
Gia Phu Packaging Company – Minh Phu Company – Jiphu Paper Company: located in Ho Chi Minh city and Binh Duong province, manufacturing corrugated cardboards and industrial boxes

International standards 

World Class Quality Recognition: Our production process and quality standard are certified and recognized by NIKE and other international company. Our Quality Control team will ensure every box meet the international packaging and shipping standard.
Packaging Solution: We have world renowned ESKO packaging design system to accommodate your packaging solution from packaging design, product protection and product stacking
Top Quality Printing: We equip with the ink mixing machine to satisfy your color requirement and help to create your unique image. In addition, we own the X-Rite Imaging Spectrocolorimeter to ensure the color stability on each box during the mass production.






Our corrugated carton and box products have these characters :
Light weight, strongly firm. Easy to stack and store. Provide the best protection to the merchandise during the transportation.
All recyclable, from materials to carton, minimize the environmental impact.
Water-based flexographic printing ink, in line with the green package awareness, no heavy metal and toxic organic solvent. Appropriate for the products packages with highly safe standard, like food, medicine or children toy.
The up-to-date flexographic printer can demonstrate the modern concise style, and the vivid colors. With good potential and cost competitiveness to replace the conventional offset printing.Corrguated Box.

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Gia Phu Packaging Co..Ltd
Tan Thuan E.P.Z, Lot BD2, St. 1, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City
ĐT : 0283 7701045 Fax: 0283 7701236
Ji Phu Paper Company Ltd.
Lô - D1-2-2, D1-3, KCN Đại Đăng TP. Thủ Dầu Một,T. Bình Dương
ĐT: 0274 3815093 FAX: 0274 3815094
Minh Phu Corporation Ltd.
No.25, Thong Nhat Road, Song Than 2 Industrial Park, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
ĐT: 0274 3790360 Fax: 0274 3732674
Vietnam Golf & Country Club
The Club house Long Thanh My Ward District 9 Ho Chi Minh City
ĐT: 0283 62800103 

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